yukonpartnersCorey Peters
Chief Financial Officer at Yukon Partners

As Yukon was positioning itself to add additional funds and broaden its team, we hired Elise to help us perform a comprehensive review of our business to determine if any changes or refinements should be made.  Given the existing demands on our schedules, we determined that having an outside consultant help us with this endeavor would ensure that (1) the project would not take a backseat to day to day operations of the business and (2) we would gain an “unbiased” view of how we operate as a management team.  We chose Elise given her knowledge of mezzanine and the depth of her experience across a range of institutions focused on the leveraged middle market.

Elise did a fantastic job on this project.  She began with extensive interviews of the team and then conducted an employee survey to determine if our vision and culture aligned across the organization.  Additionally, she interviewed constituents we work with, and our LP base to understand how our internal perceptions of our market position and brand aligned with how our external partners view us.   Once completed, Elise completed a gap analysis which gave us a clear and concise blueprint of what needed to be addressed.  She subsequently helped us refine our vision and mission, develop a new strategic roadmap, refine our performance management process and build employee career development plans.

The end result of the project has provided us with a top down and bottoms up strategic plan that has aligned our priorities across the organization and further engaged our team as they have a clear understanding of the expectations required from them to succeed in our organization.   I highly recommend using Elise’s services and look forward to working with her on other strategic projects in the future.