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yukonpartnersBill Dietz
Partner at Yukon Partners

When Yukon embarked upon fundraising for Fund II, we viewed it as a unique opportunity to obtain a candid assessment of the organization, refresh firm strategic planning and make any changes needed to ensure alignment of all of our resources in the most effective manner.  As we continue to strive to be a world-class mezzanine organization, we knew this initiative would be extremely beneficial but recognized the significant time and consideration it would require, especially challenging with Yukon’s culture of having every level of the organization “in the trenches” as it relates to the core fund investment activities. Elise was invaluable in spearheading and guiding us through this assessment process and then facilitating a very successful strategic planning process.

Elise’s approach and personality quickly engaged firm-wide participation in the process without diverting our investing focus.  She seamlessly acquired the relevant data, internal and external insights and cultural understanding to provide us with a comprehensive analysis of our firm’s assets and opportunities for improvement.  This served as a basis for a robust series of recommendations in the areas of culture/communication, organizational staffing, employee incentives and development, operating procedures and strategic planning.  Her report reflected her real-world knowledge and experience from her private investment legacy and focused on the critical elements specifically pertinent to the Yukon business model, not nebulous consultant concepts that would not relate to us.

I believe our work with Elise has enabled us to develop a superior strategic vision that could only be accomplished through her experienced stewardship and expertise.  Throughout the engagement, Elise “spoke the same language” as us, and was able to crystalize several conversations and opinions into tangible, measurable initiatives that everyone could agree upon.  She was able to facilitate a strategic process that not only educated the Yukon participants, but challenged us to think outside of our comfort zone.  The end result was a strategic plan and performance management process that aligns the firm with the individuals and ultimately results in a success-based culture that should foster a multi-generational firm.


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