MacQueen EquipmentDan Gage
President/CEO MacQueen Equipment

When I was appointed as MacQueen’s CEO, I started the task of building my team and wanted to make sure we had the right people on board and ultimately in the correct position. I was introduced to Elise through a board member who recommended that she could evaluate the senior leadership team and help determine how we might work together based on our individual skill sets. Initially I selected one of the SLT team to take the Hogan Assessment, but ultimately I had the entire leadership team take the exams. The next step was to see how well we played in the same sandbox together and this is where Elise shined and took control.

Like any project of this nature you have to approach it with an open mind and be willing to look at yourself and say “yes, I can improve my skill set in this area”. It also helps to be able to laugh a little at yourself and your other members. Elise was able to sit with us, break down any barriers and help us become a solid team based on our skill sets and our knowledge of each other’s ability. We have, as a team, come very far in a short time.

If you are building a new team or adding a new member, Elise’s services are a perfect way to see the dynamics of the team prior to making a move. Highly recommend.