Eastern FencePeter Williams
CEO of Eastern Fence

Elise has helped us transform the communication within our executive team. I am sure there are many people who could administer Hogan Assessments and facilitate a team building workshop. But she did so much more than that for us. Elise is really part therapist and part business consultant.

Elise was able to get each one of us to open up and become vulnerable. That is not easy with a group of people set in their ways with walls built up over decades. Once she was able to lower those walls, she helped us understand what each one of us needs to do to help the team and improve communication within it.

We are seeing the results of our work with Elise in our daily and monthly interactions. The insight and tools she provided have allowed us to improve our communication and spend our energy setting and accomplishing our goals, without the old boundaries we had set on ourselves. Thank you Elise for your help, professionalism and drive to make us a higher functioning team.